Volleyball is a great co-ed game which requires high levels of energy and enthusiasm. Perfect for us at Come Play. Number of Players: 6 – a – side Suggested Number of Players Present Per Game: 9 Game Length: 45 minutes (continuous) Volleyball Rules: 1. Each team must have a minimum of two men and two women playing at all times. 2. Of the 6 players 3 are at the front of the court and 3 at the back, with the back player at the left being the server. 3. Serve from behind the back line and after serving the server moves back onto court to help their team (if a serve hits the net it is still in play) 4. Once the ball has been served any player can move anywhere on court and even chase the ball out of court if needed. 5. If the serve is going out leave it to hit the floor - if you touch it before it lands then you must play the ball back or you lose the point 6. Each team can have 3 separate hits of the ball – if you have more than 3 hits of the ball you lose the point 7. If the ball touches the court floor on the opposite side your team wins the point. 8. If the ball touches one of the opposition players and then the floor/wall your team wins a point. 9. Players must not touch the net 10. Players can block opponents shots, however you cannot block a serve 11. Rotation: Every time your team wins the serve from the other team all your players rotate their position on court - clockwise. If you lose the serve your team doesn't rotate. If you keep the serve your team doesn't rotate. 12. Substitutions will be allowed during regular season play 13. If you serve and get the point you keep the serve, if you don't get the point, the other team gets the serve AND also a point. (ie the score changes EVERY time there is a serve) 14. The winner is the team with the most points at the end of 45 minutes Volleyball Etiquette Please be honest with line calls Get everyone involved in the game! Aggression will not be tolerated. Please keep it light-hearted and fun. It's a social league. Players will be asked to sub out (and may not be allowed back into the game)if they are overly aggressive or use inappropriate language MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Have fun and make new friends. The game may or may not go your way, but the drinks are still cold and cheap afterward!