Remember how much fun unihoc was at school? Easy to pick up, fast and fun - unihoc is a great mixed game to play. Number of Players: 6 – a – side Suggested Number of Players Present Per Game: 9 Game Length: 2 x 20 min halves (5 min half time) Unihoc Rules: Each team must have a minimum of two men and two women playing at all times. The game is played with plastic sticks, shorter than in field hockey, and with a plastic, very light ball or a puck Teams have one goalie who must stay within 5 feet of their goal At the start of each half the game is started with a face-off. After each goal the team who conceeded start with the ball at the centre circle Before the face-off, all players must be on their own sides of the mid-line, and only the player doing the face-off is allowed inside the circle at the centre of that line. There is no out-of-bounds unless the ball rolls somewhere completely inaccessible. Just continue to play! If someone deliberately hits an opponent’s leg, kicks the ball, or commits a foul a free stoke is awarded. No players are allowed to stand within 2 metres of the player taking the free stroke. If there is a disagreement over a foul or goal it will be resolved by the captains The winner is the team who scores the most goals at the end of the game Unihoc Etiquette Please be honest with fouls Get everyone involved in the game! Aggression will not be tolerated. Please keep it light-hearted and fun. It's a social league. Players will be asked to sub out (and may not be allowed back into the game)if they are overly aggressive or use inappropriate language MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Have fun and make new friends. The game may or may not go your way, but the drinks are still cold and cheap afterward!