Inner Tube Water Polo is a totally new experience, a great workout, and unique way to meet new people while splashing around in the pool. Number of Players: 7 – a – side Suggested Number of Players Present Per Game: 9-10 Game Length: 2 x 20 minute halves (5 min half-time break) Inner Tube Water Polo Rules: Each team must have a minimum of two men and two women playing at all times. Each team has one fixed goalie and only the goalie is permitted within the goal box (within 5 foot of the goal). If a defender goes in the penalty box a penalty is awarded to the attacking team. If an attacker goes in the penalty box a foul is awarded against the attacking team. The goalie may never pass the ball beyond the mid-pool line. Once the goalie gains possession of the ball, he/she will have 3 seconds to release the ball. If a player falls out of their tube, the player may not participate in the game in any way. A player scoring a goal must remain in his/her tube after the goal is scored or the score will be disallowed. Substitutions will be allowed during regular season play The ball changes possession when it goes out-of-bounds. A ball that travels out-of-bounds within the goal box is given to the goalie for a free throw To start each half, and after each goal, both teams line up at opposite ends of the pool. The referee throws the ball into the centre of the pool while simultaneously whistling to begin play. The referee blowing his/her whistle always signals an immediate stoppage of play and a dead ball. This can be for free throws, fouls, injuries, penalties, or any other reason the referee deems necessary. Players in possession of the ball may move with the ball by: Pushing it in the water, Holding it between their knees, Gripping it with 2 hands, Gripping it with 1 hand, Pressing it against their body, Or holding it in their lap. Flipping of tubes is legal. The only permitted contact is pushing down on the top of the tube or lifting straight up from the bottom. DO NOT GRAB & HOLD ON TO SOMEONE’S TUBE. IT POPS TUBES & HURTS GAMEPLAY. Offensive Flipping: The person in possession of the ball my flip a defender to defend the ball. If it gets out of hand an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty may be called at the ref’s discretion. Defensive Flipping: The defence may ONLY flip the person in direct possession of the ball. Not the person who last touched the ball. Not the person about to touch the ball. A defending player may touch the ball when it is in possession of an opposing player. This involves swatting the ball out of player’s hand. Free throws are awarded for violations at the point nearest the spot of the infraction. Free throws are awarded in the following scenarios: Any offensive player enters the goalie box. Contact penalties The ball goes out-of-bounds. Penalty shots shall be taken 5 meters from the wall, and no defensive player may be within 2 feet of the shooter. A penalty shot will be awarded in the following scenarios: A defensive player enters the goal box to make a play. A goalie abandons his/her tube to block a shot. Water Polo Etiquette No flipping or holding players off the ball Don’t hog the ball – a quick game is a good game! Aggression will not be tolerated. Please keep it light-hearted and fun. It's a social league. Players will be asked to sub out (and may not be allowed back into the pool) if they: Overly aggressive incidental contact Arguing with the official Inappropriate language MOST IMPORTANT RULE: Have fun and make new friends. The game may or may not go your way, but the drinks are is still cold and cheap afterward!